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Ekaitza is a digital artist based in Southern California. He discovered cryptocurrency in 2013 and NFTs in 2018. With a background in technology, consulting, speech analytics, and AI, Ekaitza transitioned full-time into the NFT space in 2021.


Currently, he serves as the Director of Curation and Artist Relations at Nifty Gateway and is the co-creator of the project Life of Muga.

Ekaitza's artistic journey began on SuperRare, where his unique 1/1 creations are showcased. His artistry then extended to Nifty Gateway, featuring a series of collections accessible on the platform.

One of his notable drops on Nifty Gateway was a collaborative venture titled 'Time to Rise.' In this project, he partnered with 21 digital artists, each reinterpreting one of his signature skulls in their unique style.

Subsequently, Ekaitza joined forces with Zigor, embarking on the 'Muga' project, a venture that further highlights his creative evolution."

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