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Hey there, I'm a digital artist residing in Southern California. I was fortunate enough to discover crypto in 2013 and NFTs in 2018. I have a background in technology, and I used to work in consulting, speech analytics, and AI before transitioning full time into the NFT space. Currently, I'm the Director of Curation and artist relations at Nifty Gateway and the co-creator of the project Life of Muga.

I started my artistic career on SuperRare. You can find my 1/1s here

I then started to release collections on Nifty Gateway. You can find those here

My last drop on Nifty Gateway was an awesome collaboration with 21 digital artists where they took one of my skulls and gave it their own spin. We called this drop Time to Rise and you can find it here

I then teamed up with Zigor to give life to Muga

I've been using this awesome creation I own made  by mankind as my  pfp as of late

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