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The Project

Time to rise is a digital collaboration with a group of incredibly talented illustrators, 3D artists and animators that I trust, support and collect from. With the outstanding progress NFT's have had in the last couple of years an influx of artists, collectors, investors, influencers, institutions and media have arrived in this space. While this is quite remarkable choosing who and what to collect can become an overwhelming task.


As digital artists we are very aware of the great creatives that are constantly producing superb work and setting trends even if they are not in or are fairly new to the space. So this is a great way for me to showcase a group of Spanish, Italian and British artists that I'd love to present to you.

The project will have 3 stages. The second and third stages will only be revealed when the previous stage is already underway

Stage 1

The first stage of the Time to Rise project will be a collaboration with world-class illustrators that I trust and support. Each artist  has been given a template image as their canvas and complete freedom to incorporate their stylistic choices and expression. These collaborations will be released as 1/1's on SuperRare. Artists will be announced in groups of 3 as artworks in the existing phase enter into a 24 hour countdown.


Alessandro Pautasso

To be announced


Oscar Llorens

To be announced



To be announced

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